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August, 2022  l  Calvary Church

Skip the Lemonade Stand!


Once a year we have a "Sponsorship Sunday". We do this so that you are not asked all throughout the year to purchase items for a fundraiser or donate at an event or stand in line for a lemonade stand! Instead, we only want to ask one time in the year for support, both in prayer and giving, for students in the youth ministry program. 

What does a sponsorship go towards? 


All money raised from Sponsorship Sunday goes directly towards helping students get to the events a spaces that have the potential to be life changing. It helps significantly with events that cost a lot to attend, like Nazarene Youth Conference or international missions trips. The money also helps to keep cost low for District Events that take place throughout the year - making events like camp more accessible for all students and families.

How can I be a part of Sponsorship Sunday?

You can pledge to support students in two different ways (or both!): 

1. Pledge to Pray

2. Pledge to Give

If you would like to sponsor a student in prayer and/or giving, please fill out the form below and use the link below to give if supporting in that way.

Yellow Lemonade Stand Fundraiser Facebook Post.png
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