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Rezo Davydov
Rezo Davydov

Avatar 3d Mp4

We imported glb file with walking animation embedded. We would like to download the walking animation of avatar as .mp4 file. Could somebody through some light how to make this happen. I cannot opt for screen recorder solution.

avatar 3d mp4

Download Zip:

We have partnered with Wolf3D, enabling the creation of custom avatars directly within Animate 3D. Using the Ready Player Me avatar generator, you can create your own character, which then gets saved directly to your account, ready for animation! Check out our walkthrough for how to use this feature.

Ready Player Me just released an awesome article and example project about its integration with 3D WebView! Now you can let your users create custom avatars in VR by using ReadyPlayerMe's avatar creator together with 3D WebView: 350c69d7ab


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