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James Long
James Long

Thieves' Highway (1949) !FREE!

Fine on location filming with realistic presentation of the trucks anddrivers, the highways at night and the busy markets. Exciting runawaytruck segment and a brutal climax with a moral coda to make it moreCode-compliant.

Thieves' Highway (1949)

If you were a producer and a writer pitched a script to you that was a thriller about the delivery of apples, would you greenlight it? Mike and Dan praise Jules Dassin's Thieves' Highway (1949) as one of the best examples of a film that shouldn't work but does, because it follows every rule of terrific screenwriting, directing, and acting. The Godfather, The Godfather Part II,and The Road Warrior all come into the conversation about what makes a film that sounds preposterous work so incredibly well. How you like them apples? 041b061a72


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