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Gayatri Mantra in Tamil for Different Deities: A Comprehensive Guide

The Gayatri is the light of the Vedic tradition. It manifests itself through the channels of the Devata Dharmani. These channels are the three qualities of the Primordial, the Manifest, the Meditation and the Manifestations. The Gayatri is the source of power (the treasure within), illumination (the ray of the sun), enhancement (of life and the senses) and generation (of intellect and intelligence). It is the gateway to the Transcendental and Paramatman. It is the most powerful mantra available in the Vedas. Gayatri is a spiritual path, a spiritual exercise and a spiritual experience. Gayatri is the fountainhead, the source of divine and yogic power. Gayatri makes the power of the Self manifest in a unique way through the elevenfold hymn called the Gayatri mantra.

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It is the perfect prayer. The perfect prayer is the mantra of a spiritual master. The Mantra is the most powerful tool, or one of the most powerful tools which can be used to reduce all the sufferings of humanity and which can be used to purify both the individual and the society. When one uses the Mantra and makes an effort to experience the Divine, the experience does not have to be that of the pristine God of the Vedas. But it can be much more powerful, much more profound and much more rewarding than the experiences of the pristine God. The Mantra is a tool which can be used for the benefit of the world, and can be used to protect the world from attacks by the demons of ignorance and darkness.

When we say that mantras have been handed down through the ages as a means to get to spiritual liberation, we are speaking in terms of the quality of the mind. It is when the mind focuses on a mantra, silently or aloud, that it helps remove all its impurities. When a mantra is chanted, it is one's attention which must be directed towards it. There is no need for one to fix it in the mind. It is like a river, which finds it exits and reaches the sea on the complete guidance of the Lord. Like a river that flows in a particular direction, it is also said that a mantra must be directed with a similar sense of direction. All this means is that the mantra be directed towards the vat that represents the desire for liberation. Once it is pointed in the right direction, mantras are said to work.


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