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Shiva The Legends Of The Immorta

Shiva The Legends Of The Immortal

Shiva The Legends Of The Immortal is a series of graphic novels by Karan Vir Arora and Kshitish Padhy, published by Vimanika Comics. The series is based on the Hindu mythology of Lord Shiva, one of the three supreme deities of Hinduism, along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. The series aims to present authentic Hindu mythology in an inimitable Vimanika style, with stunning artwork and captivating storytelling.

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Lord Shiva: The Spiritual Guide and Destroyer of Creation

Lord Shiva is the central figure of the Holy Trinity of Hindu Gods. He is hailed as a spiritual guide and destroyer of creation. He taught the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hinduism, to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu to facilitate the process of creation. He is the epitome of devotion, spiritualism and vedic knowledge. He is also known as Bholenath, which means the innocent or benevolent one, who rushes to the aid of his devotees if they are in trouble. He is often depicted as a meditating ascetic with a third eye on his forehead, a trident in his hand, a snake around his neck, and a crescent moon on his head. He has various forms and manifestations, such as Nataraja (the lord of dance), Rudra (the fierce one), Mahadeva (the great god), and many more.

The Series: A Journey Through The Tales Of Shiva

The series consists of multiple volumes, each depicting a different tale of Shiva, which reveal various aspects of his complex personality. The first volume, titled "The Origin", submerges readers into the story of origin of the universe and Lord Shiva's marriage to Sati, the daughter of Daksha, the king of gods. The second volume, titled "The Oath", narrates the story of how Lord Shiva avenged the death of Sati by destroying Daksha's sacrifice and taking an oath to protect mankind from evil. The third volume, titled "The Secret", unveils the secret behind Lord Shiva's blue throat and how he saved the world from the deadly poison that emerged from the churning of the ocean. The fourth volume, titled "The Prophecy", reveals the prophecy of Lord Shiva's son Kartikeya, who was destined to be the commander-in-chief of the gods and slay the demon Tarakasura. The fifth volume, titled "The War", depicts the epic war between Kartikeya and Tarakasura, and how Lord Shiva intervened to ensure victory for his son.

The Reviews: A Critical Acclaim

The series has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike, who have praised its faithful adaptation of Hindu mythology, its captivating storytelling, its stunning artwork, and its cultural relevance. Some of the reviews are as follows:

  • "A brilliant rendition of Hindu mythology in graphic novel format. The artwork is superb and the story is engaging. A must-read for anyone interested in Indian culture and spirituality." - Goodreads

  • "A wonderful series that brings to life the legends of Lord Shiva in a modern and appealing way. The illustrations are amazing and the story is well-written. A great way to introduce young readers to Hindu mythology." - Goodreads

  • "A masterpiece that showcases the glory and wisdom of Lord Shiva. The series is a perfect blend of myth, history, and fantasy. The graphics are stunning and the narration is gripping. A treat for all Shiva fans." - Amazon

If you are interested in reading more about Shiva The Legends Of The Immortal, you can buy the books on Amazon or visit the official website of Vimanika Comics.


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