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Sat, Jan 9  Meet At Calvary Church


We will have an outing to an ice skating rink to skate and play broomball. We will also have time together at the church to play games and eat together! We will be joining with Grace Church for this event.

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Registration is open until January 6.


To participate, each student must have these items turned in to Pastor Morgan by January 6:

Times & Location

January 9, 2021 

Calvary Church of the Nazarene 1851 N. Houston Levee Rd. Cordova, TN 

Ice Skating Rink Address TBD

Event Information

General Information

January 9, 2:00-7:00pm

Location: Memphis Calvary Church of the Nazarene & Ice Skating Rink

Open to: All students 6-12th grade

What is it? An event with Grace Church and a couple of other churches to ice skate, play broomball, eat pizza, and play games together at the church. 



To register, each student needs: 

  1. To pay $15 by January 6

  2. Submit a Student Registration by January 6



  • 2:00-4:00pm –Ice Skating/Broomball

  • 4:00-5:00pm - Drive to Church & Eat Pizza

  • 5:00-7:00pm - Games at the Church

  • 7:00pm –Pick Up


  • How much extra money should I bring? One meal will be provided with snacks. Money should be brought for purchasing any extra beverages or snacks. 

  • What should I wear? Dress warm for ice skating but use layers so that you can be active when playing games in the church. 

  • What if I’m leaving early from the event…do I have to pay the full amount? Yes.

  • If I don't want to ice skate do I have to pay the full amount? Yes.

  • Will there be concessions for purchase? Yes.

  • How many events can I participate in? (See “Note for Momentum” on page 1 of “Registration Form”)

  • When do I need to wear a mask? Masks are required inside all buildings and outside around people except for when students are actively engaged in their competition (i.e. on the ice) those on the bench must be wearing masks. Masks are expected to be worn at all times (even outdoors) except for when actively engaging in competitions. Those sitting on the bench are expected to wear their masks. All people will also be asked to maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizer/hand washing as needed. 

  • Can I be sent home? Yes. Students can be sent home for refusal to cooperate, bringing any drugs, alcohol, suggestive/pornographic material, explosives, or firearms to the event. Students can also be sent home if breaking clear rules/expectations set for the event (i.e. leaving the ice skating rink or church without permission). Any time a student is asked to leave it is up to parents or guardians to come and get the student.

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