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Sat, Feb 6  Houston Levee Community Center & Calvary Church


Join us in competing against teens from all across Tennessee and Mississippi on February 6! Winners advance to TNT to compete against students from across the Region. This is an all day event filled with sports, art, music, drama, writing, etc.!

This is a Midsouth District Event.



Registration is open until January 7.


To participate, each student must have these items turned in to Pastor Morgan by January 7:

Times & Location

February 6, 2021 8:00am-7:00pm

Calvary Church of the Nazarene 1851 N. Houston Levee Rd. Cordova, TN &

Houston Levee Community Center (HLCC) 1801 N Houston Levee Rd. Cordova, TN

Event Information

General Information

February 6th, 2021 8:00am-7:00pm

Location: Memphis Calvary Church of the Nazarene

Open to: All students 6-12th grade

What is it? A giant gathering of students competing in different sports, talents, and skills. It's a great chance to share your talents or just have fun joining a team with your friends to play other students in youth groups on our district. 



To register, each student needs: 

  1. To pay $30 by January 7th, 2021 (increases to $45 after January 7th and to $60 after January 22nd)

  2. To submit a registration form (DO NOT PAY AT THE END OF THE REGISTRATION)

  3. To submit a District Medical Release Form (which you will receive via email after registering)

  4. To submit a COVID waiver form

Cost for Participants: $30

Cost for Spectators: $15

Cost for Adults Spectating: $15

Deadlines:  Forms should be filled out and $ paid online by January 7th, 2020.

If submitted after January 7th, 2020 you will incur a $15 late fee.

If submitted after January 22nd, 2020 you will incur a $30 late fee.


Momentum Schedule (detailed schedule will come out close to Momentum)

Saturday (16th)

  • 8:00am –Momentum & Competition Begin

  • 11:00am –Lunch Opens

  • 5:00pm –Dinner Opens

  • 7:00pm –Momentum & Competition Concludes


Age levels for sports SHOULD be marked on registration form in accordance with the regulations below. Age guidelines are as follows:

  1. Minimum age: Must be in 6th grade and at least 11 years of age by 9/1/20 to compete in 2021 TNT@TNU.

  2. Maximum age: Currently attending, and not graduated from, a high school prior to the beginning of the school year in which they compete. Participants must not have reached their 20th birthday by the date of the regional event. (Seniors who finish course work in mid-year remain eligible through the year.)

  3. Age levels for talent: Early Youth - Grades 9 and below; Senior Youth - Grades 10 and above; 

  4. Age levels for individual sports: Junior High - Ages 11-13; Middle High - Ages 14-15; Senior High - Ages 16-19

  5. Team Sports: Ages 11-19 will be competing for spots on the TNT teams. However, we will be providing some tournaments for middle school students at the district level to give the younger students an opportunity to compete against students their own age. Middle school students have an option to compete in middle or high school events.

(Ages are determined as of September 1, 2020 for this competition year.)


Those who qualify for TNT

  • TNT fees along with the church registration spreadsheet will be due February 12th

  • Midsouth is still allowed to have two teams per sport along with two participants per category at TNT.



  • How much extra money should I bring? The only meals covered under the Momentum fees are Saturday lunch and dinner. Each church can decide what is appropriate for their students to cover other meals. Keep in mind there will be concessions sold and Momentum/Trevecca merch for purchase.

  • What if I come with my youth group and I’m not competing…do I have to pay? Yes, the cost is $15.

  • If I’m a youth pastor or a youth sponsor, do I have to pay? Yes, the cost is $15.

  • What if I only submitted something online for the Arts, can I still come to the sports day? YES

  • If I am a coach/director of a tournament do I have to pay? No

  • What if I’m leaving early from the event…do I have to pay the full amount? Yes.

  • Will there be concessions for purchase? Yes.

  • How many events can I participate in? (See “Note for Momentum” on page 1 of “Registration Form”)

  • Can I turn my form into my youth pastor without notary signature or any other blank information? NOOOOO. Every part of the form must be complete. The form was not created with suggested blanks for information …we need all the information. Thank you! 

  • Will those competing in sports receive numbered bibs again? Yes. Every athlete will wear a numbered bib (like race numbers for runners) to help identify them to the coaches. This was very effective in organizing the sports and selecting players for TNT, servant-leadership awards and all-stars. Plan to wear them while you compete…and don’t lose them.

  • What if I don’t have enough players from my church to have a full team at Momentum? Can I/we still compete? At the beginning of each event, the coach/director will create the teams as well as the tournament bracket. It will be imperative you show up when your event begins to join a team..

  • Can I record this alone in my room? Performances should be in front of a live audience (preferably more than your family,) but ANYTHING is better than just you alone in your room (please don’t record yourself alone in your room)

  • How do I record my presentation? Pieces will be judged on content and not video quality, iPhones work great! Treat your recordings like you would a Momentum performance, wear what you’d like to wear for your instrumental solo whatever.

  • How do I submit my artwork or photography? Artwork & photography must be mailed (or dropped off) to TCC (if it something that won’t mail easily we recommend you don’t submit that piece. All pieces must be postmarked by January 11th.

  • How do I get my artwork back? Art and judging results will be available for pick up at Momentum

  • How do I submit my video files? Go to the url Title mp4 files: category_lastname_firstname

  • How am I getting my medal?  After the virtual award ceremony medals will be mailed out to churches in one package per-church.

  • When do I need to wear a mask? Masks are required inside all buildings except for when students are actively engaged in their competition (i.e. on the court) those on the bench must be wearing masks. Masks are expected to be worn at all times (even outdoors) except for when actively engaging in competitions (i.e. on the field or court). Those sitting on the bench are expected to wear their masks. (see attached final sheet for COVID19 safety requirements and precautions)  A Covid-19 Waiver will be required by all who plan to participate.


For Questions Contact:

Stephen Kihnley / Sports Director / 615.854.3295 /

Grace Savage / Arts Director / 615.224.5918 /

Diann Shamsabadi / TNT Coordinator / 270.871.3988 /

Morgan Ginn / Site Coordinator / 901.386.8988 /

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