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CAMP 2022

Camp Garner Creek/Midsouth NYI Expectations

There are lots of do’s and don’ts on this page…but our greatest expectation is that you would come to camp with a heart and mind that is ready to receive what God may have for you this week.  We see Garner Creek as Holy Ground…where God works in the lives of the people who love him.  Let this week be one full of expectation for what He can do.



In an effort to maintain the quality and character of Garner Creek Retreat Center, any damages resulting in a cost, will be billed to the perpetrator(s) responsible. If the perpetrator cannot pay, the local church in whom they registered with will assume responsibility for payment.


Leave the following items at Home:

  • Alcohol or tobacco products

  • Illegal drugs

  • Explosives, including fireworks

  • Paintball & airsoft guns

  • Knives and firearms

  • Shaving cream that will be used for anything other than shaving.

  • Water balloons

  • Pets

  • Anything else that may get you in trouble


Things that will get you sent home early:

  • Sneaking out after curfew

  • Having a member of the opposite sex in your room

  • Using immoral conduct, including vulgarity or profanity

  • Fighting

  • Failure to be at scheduled events/activities

  • Destructive Pranks

  • Actions deemed inappropriate by camp Staff


Visitor Policy:

  • Non-paid student visitors will not be allowed on camp property at any time.

  • Adult visitors must check-in, be approved by camp director, and be escorted by an approved member of the NYI Council.


Things you agree to when you register:

  • To adhere to the schedule of activities (The activities planned are NOT optional; you must attend all activities and be on time.)

  • To adhere to the pre-determined camp boundaries set by the Camp Director and Staff.

  • To respect ALL Camp Counselors & Staff (not just the ones from your church)

  • To turn in your car keys to the Camp Director if you drive your own vehicle.


Please remember:

We are guests of Garner Creek Retreat Center. Pranks will not be tolerated in or nearby cabins or any other camp building. If you sneak out of your room, you will be sent home at your parent’s expense, even if it’s Thursday night.


Dress Code:

Garner Creek Retreat Center is a Christian camp with a distinctly Christian atmosphere; modesty should always be the standard for dress. It is the responsibility of the sponsors from each church to model the standard of modesty & enforce the camp dress code.


The intent of the dress code is to provide an equitable dress code for all campers that will encourage modesty above legalism. Parents and church leaders are urged to see that only clothing that meets these policies and regulations be brought to camp.


General Appropriateness:

Apparel may not display or promote alcohol, controlled substances, or inappropriate language or pictures.



Modest swimming suits are appropriate while swimming. A dark t-shirt must be worn over two-piece swimming suits. While going to and from the swimming areas, all campers must wear shoes; males must wear a t-shirt and females must wear a long covering over their swimsuits.


If a camper violates the dress code, they will be asked to change into clothing that falls within the dress code

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